Illinois Supreme Court to hear Hobby Lobby transgender discrimination case


The Illinois Supreme Court will hear an appeal from Hobby Lobby over a anti-transgender discrimination lawsuit.

Hobby Lobby, an arts and crafts retailer known for its conservative stances, was sued for discrimination when it denied a transgender woman employee from using the women’s restroom.

In August, the Illinois Second District Appellate Court upheld a $220,000 judgment for emotional distress and attorneys’ fees against the company. Meggan Sommerville, who is still working at Hobby Lobby, filed a complaint with the Illinois Human Rights Commission in 2013 after she was disciplined for using the women’s bathroom at the store. The commission ruled in 2019 that the company’s bathroom policy was unlawful. The three-judge panel rejected Hobby Lobby’s argument that a person’s sex is an immutable condition. 

There is no specific date for an opinion as of Dec. 3.



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