Acorn Equality Fund awards this year’s LGBTQ scholarships


The Acorn Equality Fund (AEF) held its Annual Family Breakfast in person for the first time since 2019 this past weekend.

The breakfast is both a time to celebrate scholarship winners and to raise money for the year. AIF Chair Gregory Haines said this year’s breakfast, not including donations made during the event itself, had raised more than $43,000.

This year’s recipients are:

  • The Luke Scholarship – Evalynn Berg, Faith Meister, Kyle Friend, Emmalyn Mueller, Caleb Haste, Emery Pasley, Abbie Heinemeier, Alexander Sausman, Emerson Krasnican and Alyssa Stallman.
  • The Korty & Morton Scholarship – Micah Blankenship, Mykenna Osborn, and Estepha Dominguez.
  • The McKeon Scholarship – Olly Arnold
  • Central Illinois Friends Scholarship – Len Meyer and Ash Webb
  • Acorn Scholarship – Finn Anderson, Josi Simmerman, Annan Reed, and Marissa Unes.

AEF also announced organizational grants to Illinois non-profits:

  • Central Illinois Friends of PWA
  • Prairie Pride Coalition
  • Rainbow Cafe LGBTQ Youth Center
  • UP Center’s Youth Outlook

The event also took a moment of silence to remember Buff Carmichael, the LGBTQ activist and publisher who passed away at the beginning of 2021.

Donations are always being accepted to support both the scholarships and grants and can be made at www.acornequalityfund.org.

AEF’s next even is Get Down and Derby at the Warehouse on State Street in Peoria on May 7, 2022.



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