Southern Illinois group changes its name to Shades of Love LGBTQ


The Shawnee Transgender Association is now Shades of Love LGBTQ.

In a message to the Illinois Eagle, Shades of Love said that the original name was always meant to be temporary.

“At first we were unsure what name to call what we were doing, so we went with STA for a temporary name,” said Aurora Rees, who runs the Facebook page. “A couple months ago, we got together and decided to change the name to Shades of Love, for a more permanent name.”

A variety of different LGBTQ people were also attending the meetings, so creating a more inclusive name made sense.

“One of our biggest motives is promoting mental health, so I felt like it fit a little better,” Rees said.

Shades of Love LGBTQ is a youth group with meetings where they provide resources, and support from other LGBTQ people.

Located in Marion Illinois, they meet twice a month. The first meetings of the month are more informational and informative, with sharing resources and stories. The second meetings are more social.

Meetings are held every first and third Monday of the month, from 5pm-6:30pm at Ketring and Associates, 1306 N. Atchison Ave. Suite B, in Marion. Most people coming are youth, but it is open to all needing resources.

For more information, go to the Shades of Love LGBTQ Facebook page. You can also reach out and contact the group through the page.