Rainbow Café calendar fundraiser features community members


The Rainbow Café LGBTQ Youth Center in Carbondale is relying on its local community to raise funds to buy their own building.

The center is selling the Farms & Faces of Southern Illinois 2022 calendar that displays pictures of its own members and supporters.

“We created this calendar with local people from all walks of life,” said Carrie Vine, vice president and community relations for Rainbow Café. “Some are farmers that support the LGBTQ community, some are PLWH, elders from the LGBTQ community, the Drag King of Southern Illinois, and we even have someone that was raised Amish.”

With each month, there is a bio section at the beginning that tells the stories for each model.

“This calendar is about addressing stigma, toxic masculinity, and ageism,” Vine said. “It’s about breaking away from stereotypes and appreciating the beauty in us all.”

To view whole calendar go to: https://issuu.com/rainbowcafe/docs/farms_and_faces_for_issuu-2

Link to order: https://www.rainbowcafe.org/s/shop



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