Satanic Temple puts up new display at Illinois State Capitol


The Satanic Temple Illinois put in a new display in the Illinois State Capitol rotunda for the holidays on Monday.

This isn’t the first year for a display during holidays at the capitol. The rotunda also hosts a nativity, a menorah, a Christmas tree and an aluminum poll for “Festivus.”

“The Capitol Rotunda is a place of free speech and equal opportunity open for all religions to celebrate the holiday season,” a Satanic Temple spokesperson said. “Participating in the holiday display at the Illinois State Capitol is a way to positively affirm our Satanic values.”

Not everyone seems to welcome the display. Just a couple of weeks ago, Springfield Bishop John Paprocki went off about both the temple’s display and legislation he thought was immoral, including repeal of the Parental Notification Act and marriage equality.

The temple’s response was very much “turn the other cheek.”

“Rather than divide, we seek unity and joyfully celebrate the spirit of fellowship in the rotunda with other viewpoints, including those that oppose,” the temple’s spokesperson said.

The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic, as in believing in no god, organization that works to limit the intrusion of religion into government, usually by using laws promoted by conservative religious organizations.

State law allows for any religious holiday display as long as it’s not paid for by the state.



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