Illinois bill would move COVID relief funds to HIV services

The Illinois State Capitol in Springfield. Photo by Tom Wray

A bill in the general assembly would move some of the State Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency Funds to HIV/AIDS services in the state.

The bill, HB4264, would move about $4.5 million to programs such as Getting to Zero Illinois.

Talking on background, a General Assembly staffer said that a key component of the COVID fund includes addressing the health needs of people who are most threatened by the pandemic, such as people who are immunocompromised. The staff said that proposing to use the State Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency has not raised any immediate concerns, but that doesn’t rule out proponents or members switching to appropriating from the general revenue fund during discussions. 

The bill is currently in the House Appropriations-Human Services Committee and is sponsored by State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago) and State Sen. Doris Turner (D-Decatur). If passed, it would go into effect immediately.

The bill is supported by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.