Black Lives Matter SPI kicking off Black Children’s Book Week


Black Lives Matter Springfield (BLMSPI) is inviting to community to Black History Month and the first Black Children’s Book Week.

BLMSPI said in an announcement that Black Children’s Book Week, Feb. 27 through March 5, will be an opportunity for the world to celebrate Black children and those who make sure they are represented in their books, and other children’s media.

Kathryn Harris will portray Harriet Tubman reading her favorite books for children.

In-person attendance will be limited because of COVID-19 restrictions. However, BLMSPI will be livestreaming the even on Facebook for all to watch.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are limiting the number of in person participants in order to follow guidelines and keep everyone safe. We will be streaming this event on FB Live for those who want to join us virtually.

Register for in-person attendance at bit.ly/spibook. Include yourself and any additional guests in your party registration number to ensure the event stays within safety guidelines. Masks are required at all times.

Treat bags, a book and school supplies will be given out to children in attendance.

Any additional books received that are not sent home with the participants will be used to restock the indoor free little library dedicated to Black Authors/Black Stories inside the Illinois State Museum.



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