Missouri considering anti-trans sports bill

Missouri is the latest Midwestern state to consider a bill that would ban transgender girls and women from competing on teams for their gender identity.

The Associated Press reported last week that the proposal was discussed in a state Senate committee and would only apply to trans girls and women. Transgender boys and men would still be allowed to compete against other males. According to the news service, students would be able to sue if they feel like they’ve been hurt by a violation of the bill.

Iowa’s governor signed a similar law last week. Indiana’s version has been sent to that state’s governor.

The state’s Republicans are pushing the bill, called the Save Women’s Sports Act. Republican State Sen. Rick Brattin told the AP that even with hormone blockers, trans girls still have an advantage.

Research has shown that trans girls do not outcompete cisgender girls in sports. No bill banning trans participation in sports has ever been able to show that “unfair” advantages of trans people in sports has ever been a problem.

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