Anti-trans sports bill passes Kentucky panel, goes to state House

Kentucky State Capitol Photo via Good Free Photos

A bill that would ban transgender girls from playing in school sports for their gender identity has passed a Kentucky legislative panel and now goes to the state House.

The Associated Press reported that the bill passed the state Senate last month. According to the news service, the gender of a student for the purpose of determining athletic eligibility would be determined by the ”student’s certified birth certificate as originally issued at the time of birth or adoption.”

The AP said that the Kentucky legislature has Republican supermajorities. Which means even if Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear vetoes the bill, the veto can be overturned.

A similar bill is currently waiting for the governor’s signature in Indiana. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) signed an even more restrictive bill into law last week. It is one of many that have been introduced in Republican controlled states across the country.