Review: Life of Melody


Life of Melody by Mari Costa is a Young Adult graphic novel. It follows a fairy godfather, Razzmattaz or Raj, and beast-man Lancelot or Lance who both happen to discover a baby in the woods. They can’t agree on who gets to raise her, so they reluctantly become co-parents. Naturally, everyone assumes that they’re husbands.

First off, I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for the found family trope. Secondly, I’m also sucker for the fake relationship trope. After the woman who sells them a house assumes they’re husbands, they just have to go with it. Since she would be suspicious of actual events. Soon enough they’re just telling everyone that they’re husbands. They slowly realize that maybe they do like each other as more than co-parents. They also had an odd couple dynamic which I liked. Razzmattaz and Lancelot reminded me a bit of Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens. Aziraphale and Crowley were also both supernatural beings, who were opposites, sort of taking care of a child together. So if like Good Omens you would likely also like Life of Melody.

I also enjoyed the art style which reminded me of Carey Pietsh’s style. He illustrated The Adventure Zone graphic novels. There are similar appearances between Razzmattaz and Taako, and Lancelot and Magnus.

Life of Melody was also hilarious. Mari Costa portrayed the awkward situations that supernatural beings pretending to be human husbands might get into. I found myself showing pages of it to friends because it was just so funny. Also, Razzmattaz and Lancelot’s dynamic was entertaining and cute. The graphic novel had me turning pages just to find out what would happen with their relationship.

The title of the graphic novel was a bit of a misnomber because the plot was really more about Raj and Lance than Melody, their daughter. I think a title with Lancelot or Razzmatazz would have been more fitting. Still, the synopsis on the Life of Melody, made it clear that this is Lance and Raj’s love story.

It’s also accessible to younger readers since it’s a Young Adult graphic novel, not too steamy. It’s also a short read. I would certainly recommend it especially for fantasy fans who enjoy a bit of romance.