Missouri lawmaker trying to stop residents from out of state obtaining abortions


A Missouri lawmaker is trying to make it harder for people seeking abortions to cross state lines for the service.

Missouri has only one clinic that offers abortion, forcing many to go to other states, especially Kansas and Illinois. Illinois has seen a steady increase in out-of-state patients seeking abortions, most from its immediate neighbors.

The Washington Post reported that State Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R) is trying to use a similar tactic as Texas’ abortion law, letting private citizens sue anyone who helps a Missouri resident get an abortion out-of-state, even if the person being sued is outside Missouri.

According to the Post, Coleman has been trying to figure out how to limit out-of-state abortions since Planned Parenthood opened a clinic in the MetroEast region.

“If your neighboring state doesn’t have pro-life protections, it minimizes the ability to protect the unborn in your state,” Coleman told the newspaper.

The Post reported that more than 10,600 Missourians had gotten abortion services at the MetroEast clinic since it opened in 2019.

The proposed bill would include anyone remotely connected, including marketing representatives who advertise for the clinics. It would also make it illegal to make, transport, possess or distribute abortion pills in Missouri.



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