Missouri families fight against anti-trans bill


Transgender youth, their parents and allies testified against a proposed Missouri law that would make gender-affirming care for youth a crime.

Idaho was considering a similar law earlier this month. It is one of many anti-trans laws that have been considered or passed in states across the country.

KRCG, a CBS affiliate in Jefferson City, reported that Senate Bill 843 is sponsored by State Sen. Mike Moon (R) and outlaws any health officials from administering or performing gender affirmation treatment, including hormone blockers.

Those testifying said the law would hurt the next generation of Missouri residents.

“I’m not asking you to understand this, and I’m not asking you to even like it,” one mother of a trans son said, according to the TV station. “But part of living in this amazing country in which we are fortunate to live is that we do not get to make laws just because you and I don’t like something or understand it.”

“There are lots of medical people who have talked to me about this and made sure that I understand that this is my choice,” a trans boy told senators. “I have lots of people supporting me. My parents and doctors are not harming me.”

KRCG reported that Moon compared banning gender-affirming care to banning children from buying cigarettes.

At least one person told the committee that his family was moving out of the state because of this and other proposed laws.

“We can no longer subject our child and ourselves to this stress, and we have decided to move out of Missouri,” Nick Zingarelli said.

KRCG reported that a bill that would ban trans women from participating in women’s sports had passed in committee earlier in March, but had not come to a full senate vote.



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