“Something New” Book Review


Happy Women’s History month! This time I am reviewing Something New: Tales From a Makeshift Bride by Lucy Knisley. Something New is a graphic memoir by a bisexual woman about her do-it-yourself wedding. I was drawn to Something New as a fan of Knishley’s graphic cookbook and memoir, Relish. Her chocolate chip recipe really was the best. I also enjoy her sense of humour.

However, Something New changed the focus from food to weddings, which was a bit less applicable to me as I am not engaged. It did give me some new ideas for my wedding Pinterest board though. And Knisley’s sense of humour still comes through the stongest in her comics between chapters. From the “Name Game” comic about engaged people trying to change their name to “Weird Wedding Facts” these comics within a comic were amusing and interesting. I found myself attempting to read them aloud to anyone nearby.

But the chapters in between were often a bit dull. I found that I didn’t care much about the minutiae of Knishleys wedding. For example, she writes about every gift that she gave the guests or the struggle between deciding on live music versus a playlist. It was successful, however, at debunking a bit of the glamour of weddings for me. It seems maybe weddings are not just the stuff of Pinterest board daydreams, but actually involve a lot of work.

I also appreciated Knishley’s chapter on her bisexuality. She expressed her mixed feelings about marrying a man. Of course, she loves John but having a husband meant that her bisexuality would be erased in a lot of others’ eyes. As a bisexual woman myself, I liked how Knishley expressed my own insecurities with internalized biphobia.

I would recommend Something New to those interested in weddings or planning their own wedding. Knishley is quite inspirational, as her husband, John, and her used their wedding as a way to express themselves. But the graphic memoir may not be very engaging for those less invested in weddings so I would not recommend it as highly much for single people like me.