TV Review: Killing Eve Finale Disappoints


Warning: I feel like this should be pretty clear from the headline, but this review does contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Maybe it was the complex female characters, maybe it was the homoeroticism that went beyond subtext into canonization, but I really got my hopes up with Killing Eve. I wasn’t sure if VillanEve (as their ship name goes) would ever be truly compatable, one of them is a MI6 agent, and other one is an assassin for a shadowy organization. So of course, their relationship was kind of rocky.

But I was recieving all the hints. Eve finding Villanelle, after being told by a therapist to be with the people who she loves. Villanelle being impressed by how deftly Eve blinds Villanelle’s lover. Eve officiating a gay wedding. Both of them making out after accomplishing their mission. It all seemed like it was leading to Eve and Villanelle’s relationship being endgame.

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Then there a was gunshot, and Villanelle fell into the water. Eve screams. We see Caroline who must have been involved with this shooting somehow? The screen fades to black.

I don’t know what it is these days, but it seems like writers with queer characters are just convinced that happy endings are boring? Killing Eve is gritty show, with a lot of violence, it shouldn’t be that surprising that one of the characters would die. But it was because I wasn’t expecting Villanelle to die. She is one the protagonists. She also recently had a lot of character development, realizing through therapy that she doesn’t want to be a sociopath. With her death, all of Villanelle’s character development was just thrown out the window.

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I also have naively been hoping that writers in 2022 are aware of the “bury your gays” trope. Surely at this point they must be aware of “bury your gays”? This trope the fact that queer characters are more likely to die that cishet characters. The examples that I have seen in my own time are many, they’re Quentin Coldwater, Castiel, Lexa, to name just a few. I hope we get better representation in the future, but as it stands, I am very disappointed with Killing Eve.



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