UPDATE: Aurora Pride’s parade permit revoked, will appeal

Aurora, Illinois

Update, 7:30 p.m., June 8: Aurora Pride announced that they are appealing the decision. There is a hearing tomorrow at Aurora Branch Court, 1200 Indian Trail, Courtroom 2.

Original article: Aurora Pride said on Wednesday, June 8, that their parade permit had been revoked for lack of security staffing just five days before the parade.

The organization announced the the revocation on their website:

To all our participants, sponsors, prospective attendees, and supporters;

Good afternoon. As you are likely aware, the Aurora Police Department has said it cannot supply enough sworn officers to provide Parade security, and has tasked us with finding officers from other jurisdictions to close the gap. We were notified that we had until 12PM today to do so, or our Special Events permit would be revoked at that time.

We have not been able to close the gap, despite the tireless efforts of our Safety team lead and many supporters offering their assistance. As a result, our permit is now revoked.

However, we’re not giving up. Our position has been misrepresented, and we’re making every effort to keep the parade as scheduled.

Thank you for your steadfast support, and please hang tight.

Aurora Pride

The Aurora Police Department told Aurora Pride on on Monday, June 6, that there were not enough volunteers to manage security and Aurora Pride would have to find police from other areas to do security. The parade is this coming Sunday, June 12.

“It is unacceptable that a few days before the Pride Parade, City officials in Aurora have withdrawn the permit,” said Ed Yohnka, spokesperson for the ACLU of Illinois. “Although the City has known of the parade for months, they now claim that they have insufficient officers to handle the parade—and residents must be deprived of the opportunity to celebrate.  This is not right, and it is not constitutional.”

The parade permit came into question only after news came out that Aurora Pride had asked off-duty police marking in the parade to wear a “soft” uniform, such as t-shirts and polo shirts with the police department emblems, instead of a full uniform. Police were still welcome to participate and to carry a banner.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin (R) criticized the decision to allow only soft uniforms last week. He pulled his own participation and the city’s float from the parade last week. Irvin is also running for the GOP nomination for Illinois governor.

Aurora Pride is still working to make sure the parade happens as planned.