Aurora Pride permit appeal denied, will go to federal court

One of the participants in the 2019 Aurora Pride Parade. The event is now an independent organization. (Photo by Tom Wray)

A hearing officer in Aurora denied Aurora Pride’s appeal of their permit on Thursday afternoon.

The permit had been revoked after the Aurora Police Department said that the organizers were 20 officers short of requirements for a privately organized parade.

The APD announced the shortage less than a week after Aurora Pride asked for officers marching in the parade to wear soft uniforms, not the full uniforms with vests and weapons.

The ACLU of Illinois, which is representing Aurora Pride released this statement:

It is unacceptable that Aurora City officials have denied a permit for the upcoming Pride Parade. The Parade has been a family friendly event, aimed at welcoming all members of the Aurora community for a celebration of diversity and inclusion. Rather than embrace this event – as thousands of members of the community have done over the past few years – City officials have created a faux controversy and refuse to provide adequate security so that everyone has the opportunity to celebrate safely. This is not constitutional and we intend to ask a federal court to order Aurora to meets it obligation to its residents. We will be on file shortly. 

ACLU of Illinois

This is an evolving story. We will update as more information becomes available.