Sister Aimee Could Be Gayer


It’s June again which meant that it was time for my annual pride movie night. This year’s pick, Sister Aimee. This film follows an famous evangelist, Sister Aimee, who was a real life historical figure, hiring a Mexican smuggler, Rey, to help her run away to Mexico with her boyfriend. But Aimee ends up falling for Rey instead.

Honestly, with the way the trailer looks and Sister Aimee listed as one of the best LGBTQ+ movies on Hulu by Them https://www.them.us/story/best-lgbtq-movies-hulu-queer-films, I expected Sister Aimee to be much gayer. The trailer makes it look like Aimee and Rey were caught in a compromising position which is less clear in the film. Someone says that Aimee, “followed her calling” while showing her with Ray. But in the film, it seems more like they’re referring to Aimee’s disappearance than her bisexuality.

The plot wanders from Sister Aimee’s sudden elopement with Steve, to police interviews with people who knew her. It was confusing how suddenly she ran away with Steve, and a couple of fake IDs. When they meet Rey, it seems like perhaps this is where the plot is heading towards a love story between the two of them. But they are not given a definitive relationship. Instead, Sister Aimee focuses on the legend of a Mexican soldier who killed six men with the swipe of one blade.

Sister Aimee (Anna Margaret Hollymen) and Rey (Andrea Suarez Paz)

I also expected the film to be musical because of the singing in the trailer. But that is the only song Aimee sings in the whole movie. And it wasn’t that great of a song.

The bright side of the film is the costuming. Aimee’s dresses made me want to live in the 1930’s before I remembered the Great Depression and the lack of rights for most people. Also, I loved Rey’s outfits. She did give us some good historical butch looks, with those suspenders. There were some touches that were significant to the storytelling, like Aimee’s headscarf which made her look like nun. In addition, Rey starts to dress more like Steve when she starts getting closer with Aimee.

But all in all, I was disappointed with Sister Aimee. I would not recommend it. There are a lot of films that are more sapphic and more entertaining, like But I’m a Cheerleader or The Half of It.



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