Illinois Jewish Caucus condemns Bailey’s comments on Holocaust, LGBTQ, Muslims

State Sen. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville)

Legislators in the Illinois Jewish Caucus on Monday condemned comments by GOP gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey.

Crain’s Chicago Business reported that more old statements from Bailey have been unearthed. He had made comments that Islam “is not a religion of peace,” that CPS’ decision to let children use the bathroom that conforms to their sexual identity is “sickness,” and that a young person born as a biological woman who thinks she may actually be a man needs to accept “reality.”

This comes just a couple weeks after a previous campaign video had him comparing abortion to the Holocaust. He doubled down on the opinion last week, saying the Jewish community agreed with him.

In a statement, the caucus called Bailey “wholly unfit to serve as our Governor.”

“Social media posts that denigrate Muslims, marginalize LGBTQ people and callously use the Holocaust to score cheap political points are unworthy of the office he seeks, and we will not lower ourselves to repeat them here. Bailey’s extreme, hateful views toward so many of the Illinoisans he seeks to represent patently disqualify him from serving as our Governor.”

The statement, signed by Jewish state representatives and senators, said that Bailey’s remarks revealed a pattern of behavior toward communities and followed a trend of racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, and misogynistic language from other extremists.

“The Jewish Caucus stands in solidarity with those who seek to unite our diverse communities in the spirit of cooperation towards the common good and stand against bad actors that seek to tear us apart. We applaud organizations that have stood firm against Bailey’s hate-filled rhetoric including Anti-Defamation League Midwest, Springfield Jewish Federation, Muslim Civic Coalition, Personal PAC, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, Illinois NOW, Protect Our Courts, and the many individual leaders that have spoken out.

“Darren Bailey’s casual disregard for the basic dignity of his fellow Illinoisans proves that he is unfit to lead.”