Bailey’s running mate under fire for past abortion, LGBTQ comments

Stephanie Trussell and Darren Bailey. Photo from Facebook

GOP Lt. Governor candidate Stephanie Trussell, Darren Bailey’s running mate, is in hot water of her own for past comments on social media.

WGN-TV reporter Tahman Bradley uncovered many tweets on Trussell’s personal account and Facebook posts. Tweets going back years refer to Planned Parenthood as “Klanned Parenthood” and use LGBTQXYZ, a derogatory acronym for the LGBTQ community used in right-wing social media.

WGN also included Facebook posts such as this one about Billy Porter in a recent Cinderella movie.

“Just say no! The LGBTQXYZ agenda is aggressively trying to repurpose classic stories and films. How can a godmother be genderless? Satan is a liar!” Trussell posted in 2020 about actor Billy Porter playing a genderless fairy godmother.

This comes after Bailey has been under fire for the past two weeks for older comments comparing abortion to the Holocaust, insulting Muslims and the LGBTQ community.