Missouri high school tells teachers to remove Pride flags

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

A high school in Springfield, Mo. has told teachers to remove Pride flags from classrooms, sparking protests.

The Springfield News-Leader reported that a dozen protestors showed up at Kickapoo High School on the first day of school over the flags. The newspaper reported that the school’s principal had told “a handful” of teachers at Kickapoo to remove Pride flags from their classrooms last week.

Protestors held signs that read “Acceptance Saves Lives” and “Hate Has No Home Here.”

“This is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even put into words how mad I am,” Bayley Talburt, a 2018 graduate of Glendale High School, told the News-Leader.

The protest was organized by Brett Baxley, a local drag queen who performs as Jimmy Anti. Baxley attended district schools, graduating from Glendale in 2018.

The protest and policy as LGBTQ students have come under pressure across the country, with both laws and harassment on the rise.

“We’re seeing this kind of thing happening across the country currently with right-wing people being elected to school boards. This is a national issue. It’s a district-wide issue and to just see it rear its head here locally is really jarring,” Baxley told the News-Leader.

“We definitely have our eyes on the district and how they are treating their diverse employees as well as their students as a whole.”