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Anonymous donor to cover cost of Downers Grove Drag Queen Bingo

Downers Grove Public Library. Photo from Facebook

An anonymous Downers Grove Public Library cardholder will cover the costs of Drag Queen Bingo, the library said on Wednesday.

Library Director Julie Milavec spoke during a press conference on Wednesday. She said that the presenter cost $125, much less than the $300 average cost. The cost is being fully covered by the anonymous donor. The event, which drew the attention of Awake Illinois, is already fully booked with a waitlist for more. The library is also working with the Downers Grove Police Department to ensure security.

“Many patrons have requested we cancel this event,” she said. “The library does not plan to cancel Drag Queen Bingo. To do so would be negligent of our duties to provide equitable representation of our beautifully diverse community.”

Milavec said that the library wanted everyone in the community know they are represented and cared for.

“Representation matters, and providing opportunities for patrons to see their own identities represented in the library affirms they are celebrated just as they are,” she said. “Suicide is a very real threat to teenagers, and the numbers dramatically increase for LGBTQIA+ teens. Programs like Drag Queen Bingo help all teens see people who are different being accepted.”

She repeated the library’s commitment to serve everyone in the community.

“Not everything will be a perfect fit for everyone, but we strive to ensure that everyone can find things that they enjoy at the library.”

The library ensured that the show will be age appropriate for teens. The event will teens playing a few rounds of bingo with Aurora Divine calling the bingo numbers. They will win prizes such as gift cards and squishmallows. There will be a very short library-appropriate performance by Divine, where she will lip sync the song Firework by Katy Perry.