Television Review: The Umbrella Academy Season 3


(Warning: Minor Spoilers for Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy)

The Umbrella Academy has already had two canonically queer Hargreeves siblings; Klaus Hargreeves and Viktor Hargreeves both appear to be bisexual. Klaus has been in a relationship with another man. Unfortunately, this relationship did end in a “Bury Your Gays” moment. He has also slept with many women. Viktor has been in a relationship with a man, as well as a relationship with a woman.

However, after Elliot Page -the actor playing Viktor Hargreeves- came out as a transgender man, the showrunners of Umbrella Academy season 3 asked him if he would like his character to reflect that identity. He accepted the proposition. Thus, Viktor Hargreeves became officially transgender. He had his hair cut short and announced to his siblings that he changed his name from Vanya to Viktor. Despite, their many disagreements, his siblings were overwhelmingly supportive. His brother (Luther) even offered to throw him a party although Viktor declined that offer. It was really wholesome to see his family be so supportive of him when a lot of transgender representation focuses on the suffering of trans people. The Umbrella Academy showed that characters can be trans without it being an issue. Viktor’s transness is also not there to be a plot point, it’s just a part of his identity.

Instead the plot centers on the Hargreeves siblings trying to prevent the end of the world as usual. We start were we left off in season 2, with the siblings travelling back to the Hargreeves mansion in modern times, only to find out that they’ve been replaced with the Sparrow Academy. The Umbrella Academy immediately start fighting with the Sparrow Academy. This continues into most of the season which I found frustrating. Honestly, they don’t really have reason to fight they just feel like there’s only room for one academy. It would have been much more practical for them to just work together.

One thing I did enjoy of the second episode, “The World’s Biggest Ball of Twine”, was Luther who was taken hostage by the Sparrow Academy, only to unworriedly eat almond butter and flirt with Sparrow Academy member, Sloane. I also liked Klaus and Five’s road trip to Amish country to find Klaus’s birth mother. Klaus and Five have such a funny and chaotic dynamic since Klaus is so goofy and Five is very serious. It is in these moments, the slices of life between fighting and saving the world where The Umbrella Academy truly shines, like during Sloane and Luther’s wedding. The writers understand that although the characters have powers, they are just people. People who are messy, loving, and funny. The Umbrella Academy is really just a story about family. So maybe Viktor’s coming out as trans actually is major plot point. It is after all, an important moment between the Hargreeves siblings. And I for one think that’s beautiful. I would recommend The Umbrella Academy Season 3 which is available on Netflix.

The Umbrella Academy. Elliot Page. Tom Hopper. David Casteneda. Emmy Raver-Lampman. Robert Sheehan. Aiden Gallagher. Justin H. Min. Netflix.