Indiana appealing court blocking anti-trans law


The Indiana attorney general is appealing a judge’s order against an anti-trans sports law passed in May.

The law, if enforced, would bar transgender girls from participating in sports for their gender. It was vetoed by Indiana Gov. Greg Holcomb (R), but the GOP-dominated General Assembly overturned the veto.

The Associated Press reported that the appeal, filed this week, argues that U.S. District Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson in Indianapolis was wrong in granting a preliminary injunction against the law and allowing a 10-year-old transgender girl to rejoin her school’s all-girls softball team.

The judge ruled in July that the girl had a good chance of winning arguments that the law violated Title IX protections.

According to the AP, the attorney general’s office argued to the Chicago-based 7th Circuit Court of Appeals that upholding the judge’s ruling “would throw open girls’ sports to members of the male sex with all the advantages being born male confers, depriving women of equal opportunities to compete fairly and safely in sports.”