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Downers Grove Drag Queen Bingo cancelled because of threats


The Downers Grove Public Library has cancelled the Drag Queen Bingo because of threats to the library itself.

Downers Grove Library Director Julie Milavec made the announcement in a statement on Monday afternoon.

“For the safety of everyone involved, the difficult decision has been made to cancel the upcoming Drag Queen Bingo program due to threats made against the Downers Grove Public Library,” she said. “These threats are currently under active investigation by law enforcement.”

The event was planned for Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day. It was fully booked and would have had local drag queen Aurora Divine calling numbers for a few rounds of bingo then doing a lip-sync performance to Katy Perry’s “Fireworks.”

Milavec apologized to the teens and other community members who had supported the event, saying they would find other ways to support LGBTQ youth.

“We stand by the event and Aurora Divine,” she said. “We tried our best to make Drag Queen Bingo happen. However, due to the severity of the threats made against the library, we have been forced to cancel the event. It is our responsibility to keep you safe. We are disappointed and saddened by the some of the vitriolic feedback that we received for what was meant to be an evening of fun and celebration of self-identity and self-expression.”

Milavec thanked everyone who had sent messages of support to the library.

She also said that she couldn’t share details about the threat with the public. Illinois Eagle has begun to reach out to the Downers Grove Police to see if more information can be available.

Awake Illinois, the right-wing group that had been the most vocal about the event, said in a tweet that they “are grateful law enforcement is addressing alleged threats. We hope the library considers events for LGBTQ youth that will have integrity and will truly enrich the Downers Grove community.”

Just two days before, Awake Illinois had posted a video from “Gays Against Groomers” saying no drag event could be family-friendly and called on people to contact the library and library board about the event.