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Planned Parenthood of Illinois announces expansion at Champaign Health Center

Champaign Health Center waiting room. Photo courtesy of Planned Parenthood of Illinois

Planned Parenthood of Illinois (PPIL) announced they were expanding abortion care options at their Champaign Health Center the same day Indiana’s new abortion ban went into effect.

The clinic is just 40 miles from the Indiana state line.

PPIL said in a press release that they had renovated the health center in order to add in-clinic abortion services for the first time. It also doubles access for in-clinic access for Central Illinois residents.

“We anticipated Indiana residents losing access to abortion care, so we decided to expand our care in Champaign” said Jennifer Welch, president and CEO of PPIL. “Indiana’s draconian abortion ban does not stop people from having abortions, it only makes it more difficult for people to access abortion in a safe and timely manner. PPIL is dedicated to serving the patients who face the most barriers to accessing care and to ensuring that all people, regardless of their financial situation, have access to high-quality, confidential reproductive health services.”

PPIL said that since Roe v. Wade was overturned in June, the Champaign clinic has seen patients from 11 states outside of Illinois, many from Indiana. Currently, 11 percent of the abortion patients seen at the Champaign health center are from Indiana.

The reproductive healthcare provider expects the number to increase now that the Indiana ban is in effect. The clinic also provides gender-affirming care that can be more difficult to obtain in Indiana.

The expansion also increases the health center’s footprint by 5,000 square feet, adding additional procedure rooms, waiting rooms, education/consultation rooms, ultrasound rooms, a recovery room, a lab, and a clinician’s office. 

The Champaign expansion follows a similar expansion at the Waukegan clinic near the Wisconsin state line and a new clinic in Flossmoor near Lake County, Indiana.

The clinic is at 302 E. Stoughton in Champaign.