LGBTQ Victory Fund endorses Lightfoot for Chicago mayor

Lori Lightfoot

The LGBTQ Victory Fund endorsed Lori Lightfoot for re-election as Chicago mayor on Sunday.

According to LGBTQ Victory Institute’s Out for America Map, the only national database of out LGBTQ elected officials, there are just thirteen out LGBTQ women mayors in the U.S and just five out Black LGBTQ mayors. Chicago is also the largest city to have an out LGBTQ mayor.

“With the current surge of anti-LGBTQ hate and racism plaguing our cities, it is more important than ever to ensure our leaders reflect the true diversity and strength of our communities,” said Victory Fund CEO Annise Parker. “We must leverage our political power to ensure LGBTQ leaders like Lori remain in office while also building a rainbow bench of future candidates.”

Lightfoot welcomed the endorsement.

“Victory Fund has always been a tremendous partner of mine. In 2019, their early endorsement put my campaign on the map,” Lightfoot said in a press release. “They believed in me before a lot of other people even considered it. Representation matters, particularly when you are part of a community that has been historically discriminated against. LGBTQ+ representation and visibility is essential, and an important part of Chicago’s history and culture.”

As of Sunday, the Victory Fund and LPAC, a PAC that supports election lesbians to office, were the only LGBTQ organizations to endorse Lightfoot for re-election. No Illinois LGBTQ groups have yet endorsed her.