Bullet sent to Downers Grove Public Library

The bullet and note with the envelope they were sent in. Photo from Facebook
The envelope the bullet and note were sent in. Photos from Facebook

A bullet with a homophobic note was sent to the Downers Grove Public Library this week.

Downers Grove Mayor Bob Barnett shared photos of the package on his social media.

“The envelope and it’s contents (below) were sent ‘to’ the Downers Grove Public Library (delivered to DuPage County!?!),” Barnett said in a Facebook post. “It’s hard to believe someone thinks this is acceptable behavior. I’m hoping this (like the earlier threat from out West) came from outside our community (you’d think if it came from within, they’d know the address of the Library).”

The Downers Grove Public Library had planned a Drag Queen Bingo for teens in October. Threats forced the cancellation of the event.

The package, which also had a large Confederate flag, was the latest anti-LGBTQ incident in the Chicago suburbs. Along with the bullet, there was a note that said “Fag Loven(sic) Commies More to Come for Downers Grove Library.” The return address was “Your friends at MAGA.”

Barnett asked people with any information to contact the Downers Grove Police.

“(A)nd, if you find sympathy with the message, look long and hard in the mirror and consider getting help,” he said.