Springfield CORAL calls for committee volunteers


Springfield’s Coalition of Rainbow Alliances (CORAL) is asking for volunteers for their committees.

The group will be releasing full details of what volunteers can do to support the committees. The full list of committees include:

  • Activities Committee – Lisa Cotton, Chairperson Responsible for the scheduling and facilitating of monthly volunteering opportunities
  • Bylaws Committee – Vacant Responsible for maintaining the governing rules of the organization.
  • Events Committee – Bert Morton, Chairperson Responsible for maintaining, organizing, and presenting the main events.
  • Finance Committee – April Poole, Chairperson Responsible for maintaining the financial stability of the organization.
  • Social Media Committee – Brian Sylvester, Chairperson Responsible for overseeing the website and social media avenues.
  • Membership Committee – Brian Sylvester, Chairperson Responsible for creating opportunities to increase active membership.

For more information about CORAL and its work, go to https://www.springfieldcoral.org/.