WIU LGBTQ+ Clinic opens in Quad Cities


The Western Illinois University (WIU) Counselor Education and College Student Personnel department has announced the opening of the WIU LGBTQ+ Clinic.

The clinic began providing services Sept. 19 to people seeking LGBTQ services and for providing internship opportunities for WIU students.

“I am excited about the opportunities the clinic will provide for our counseling internship students,” said Assistant Professor of Counselor Education Haley Wikoff in a press release. “Preparing students to provide these important services will ensure transgender and non-binary individuals have greater access to support and assessments in the future.”

This clinic will provide free assessment services and letters of support for transgender and non-binary individuals seeking hormone replacement therapy or gender affirming surgery.

According to WIU, Wikoff studied at the University of Iowa, working in its LGBTQ+ Counseling Clinic. She realized the need for these counseling services in the Quad Cities area. She hopes to make these services more accessible for transgender and non-binary individuals in the region.

“I felt this clinic would be a great opportunity for our students to have during internship, providing them with training to do the assessments and giving them the opportunity to practice their skills while receiving feedback and supervision. Then, they will be able to provide these assessment services in their future work in private practice and/or clinical mental health settings. We are excited to make this commitment to serve the community.” said Wikoff. “Through this community outreach, WIU will provide a service not easily accessible in our area. My hope is that this initiative will introduce community members to the WIU campus while providing opportunities for our students to gain real-world experiences working with and supporting transgender and non-binary individuals.”

For more information on the LGBTQ+ Clinic, visit wiu.edu/coehs/cnedcsp/clinic/ and for additional information on the Counselor Education and College Student Personnel department, visit wiu.edu/coehs/cnedcsp/.