TV Review: The Owl House Season 3 Episode 1 “Thanks To Them”


Despite my disappointment that The Owl House has been canceled from having a fourth season, I have been thrilled that it still has a third season. The premiere episode aired on Saturday the 15th of October on the Disney channel and will be available on Disney+. Here’s a couple sneak peeks to wet your appetite.

Luz’s friends from the Demon Realm take shelter at her house in the Human Realm.
Luz and Hunter are keeping secrets.

We left off with the villainous Emperor Belos being defeated by a new villain, The Collector. Luz and their friends have fled to the Human Realm, and are back at Luz’s house with her mother. We get to see the kids settling into the new arrangement of living with the Nocedas in these clips. I was excited that my favorite character, Hunter is in both of these clips. It’s clear that this situation is quite an adjustment for Hunter who was raised by Belos and told he was his nephew. He only recently learned that he’s actually a Grimwalker. We don’t actually know what this means, but Belo’s said that he “looks the most like him.” We also have seen glimpses of a young man who appears to be Belos’ brother, Caleb Wittebane. Therefore, fans have theorized that a grimwalker is similar to a clone and that Hunter is a clone of Caleb. We do learn more information about Caleb in this new episode, “Thanks to Them”, but I won’t spoil it.

I was also pleased to see Luz came out to her mom, Camila, as bisexual in this episode. This was a heartwarming scene where Luz’s friends and her girlfriend Amity wave around bisexual pride flags. Luz also wears a bisexual pride pin, and Camila wears a rainbow pin. There are also books on parenting an LGBTQ+ kid, like “More Than Binary” and “Always My Kid” in Camila’s bedroom. She seems like the best ally mom and I love it!

The kids also watched Azura and Hecate in a movie or show of Luz and Amity’s favorite book series. Azura is holding Hecate in her arms protecting her. It looks quite romantic. Are Azura and Hecate canonically a sapphic couple? This would bring a deeper meaning to Luz and Amity bonding over this series, as a sapphic couple themselves. Amity suggests that they dress up as Hecate and Azura, saying, “Ill be the Hecate to your Azura.” This certainly implies that Hecate and Azura are a couple or at least that Luz and Amity “ship” them together.

I also loved the found family themes that have been established in previous seasons of The Owl House and were continued in this episode, particularly involving Hunter whose only family was his abusive “uncle” Belos. I loved seeing him bond with the other kids, especially Luz. It was also nice to see him act like a regular kid, rather than a child soldier.

In additon, this episode took place during Halloween. It was very atmospheric with the orange leaves on the trees, the pumpkin sweaters, and Halloween decorations. Also Halloween already goes well with the show since it’s about witches, monsters, and demons. If you haven’t watched all the episodes before this one yet, October is the perfect time for a cozy binge watch. I would strongly recommend “Thanks to Them”. Also please sign this petition to ask Disney for more seasons of The Owl House:

Learn more about the recent LGBTQ+ show cancellations in Rowan Ellis’ video here:

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