LGBTQ Illinois does well in Election 2022


Illinois has 54 out LGBTQ elected officials after Election Day 2022, Equality Illinois said on Friday, Nov. 11.

In an email, Equality Illinois CEO Brian Johnson said the election brought the number of Illinois LGBTQ officials from 50 to 54, almost a 10% increase. The highest profile new official is Eric Sorensen, who will be the first out LGBTQ Illinois member of Congress.

Johnson also said that the pro-LGBTQ and pro-choice majority on the Illinois Supreme court grew in the election. With the election of Liz Rochford and Mary Kay O’Brien, the state’s highest court now has a 5-2 pro-LGBTQ majority.

This mirrors a good election for LGBTQ nationwide, despite an expectation of a “red wave” of conservative wins.

The LGBTQ Victory Fund said 436 out LGBTQ candidates won their elections as of Thursday, Nov. 10. There are 54 races with LGBTQ candidates that have not yet been called, including Will Rollins in California and Kris Mayes in Arizona.

“This Rainbow Wave was fueled by a record number of LGBTQ candidates who defied the odds by running – and winning – in the face of extraordinary anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and attacks,” said Annise Parker, CEO of the Victory Fund. “Bigots underestimated our power and determination as they’ve done throughout history.”

Key trends:

  • Of the 714 out LGBTQ candidates who appeared on Tuesday’s ballot, 436 won – a 61% win rate.
  • Of the 250 out LGBTQ women who appeared on Tuesday’s ballot, 160 won – a 64% win rate.
  • Of the 353 out LGBTQ men who appeared on Tuesday’s ballot, 221 won races – a 63% win rate.
  • Of the 37 out trans candidates who appeared on Tuesday’s ballot, 18 won their races – a 49% win rate.
  • Of the 24 out nonbinary candidates who appeared on Tuesday’s ballot, 13 won their races – a 54% win rate.