TV Review: The Outlaws Season 2


I was excited to see Season 2 of The Outlaws since season 1 left the plot of the English comedy-thriller show somewhat open-ended. Were the protagonists really going to get off scout free after stealing from a drug lord? It seems not, as in Season 2, “The Dean”, the head of the illegal cocaine business that Christian and then all the other outlaws, stole from threatens to kill them and their families if they don’t give him his money back. The problem? They spent it all. Except, of course, for Frank (Christopher Walker), his grandson took the money.

I also was excited to see in Season 1 that one of the main characters, Lady Gabriella (Eleanor Tomlinson) is lesbian. She ended up getting arrested for smashing up her ex-girlfriend’s car. In Season 2, she attempts to rekindle her flame with said ex-girlfriend. I also enjoyed how one of the lawyers she speaks to, asks her if she would ever consider having sex with a man, and she does not dignify that with a response. Another of my favorite parts of The Outlaws is Lady Gabriella’s friendship with her lawyer Greg . In season 1, they bonded over having vehicle-related arrests. This season, Lady Gabriella decides to help Greg with his love life which had much fodder for comedy.

I did think the lesbian representation could have been better. Although I’m aware that femme lesbians exist (and am a femme sapphic myself), it does seem that there is a disproportionate number of lipstick lesbian representations, compared to butch representation. It also seems that some writers may be trying to avoid stereotypes. Unfortunately, even when representing queer characters, these characters are usually held to the same gender role expectations as cishet characters, especially if these characters are women. It also lesbian characters more “palatable” to cishet viewers if they’re not challenging gender presentation. Also, the idea of two feminine women together can cater to the male gaze. In addition, this season of the show Lady Gabby is not focusing too much on romantic relationships. This is understandable as The Outlaws prioritizes non-romantic plotlines. However, it may be frustrating to watch if you were looking to see some sapphic romance.

Lady Gabriella Penrose Howe (Eleanor Tomlinson)

The Outlaws is hilarious. I particularly liked the performance from Jessica Gunning as Diane. She’s very skilled at psychical comedy and classic British humor. Gregory Dillard as Greg was another favorite of mine. I love the way he uses body language to portray a relatable sense of awkwardness. My family and I even ended up replaying some of the funniest moments.

I would recommend the show mainly for this hilarity, and the excitement from the thriller part of the plot. I also appreciated that there is a canonically lesbian character in The Outlaws, but I will admit it’s not the world’s best lesbian representation. Still, it was a fun romp.

The Outlaws. Stephen Merchant, Eleanor Tomlinson, Christopher Walken, Rhianne Barretto, Darren Boyd, Jessica Gunning, Gamba Cole, Charles Babalola, Dolly Wells, Clare Perkins. BBC Studios. Amazon Prime.