HRC poll finds pro-LGBTQ voters stopped ‘red wave’


The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released new polling on Thursday that showed pro-LGBTQ voters stopped the expected “red wave” in the 2022 election.

HRC called these voters “equality voters.” a group modeled to support LGBTQ equality. The organization said in a statement these voters number 62 million nationwide and made up 39% of the electorate in 2022. They tend to be younger and more racially diverse than the general electorate.

The poll found that 81% of equality voters supported the Democratic candidate in U.S. House races and similar margins for Senate and governor seats. Equality Voters delivered similar margins for Democratic U.S. Senate candidates and Democratic candidates for governor. This is the same level of support as with Biden in 2020.

With LGBTQ voters, 80% voted for Democratic candidates, not far from the support of Black voters for Democrats at 87%

It also found that abortion, support for Trump, election denial, race and LGBTQ people were driving priorities for equality voters.

The HRC said that less than 5 percent identify gender affirming care for transgender youth or transgender participation in sports as issues motivating them to vote, confirming that found anti-trans attacks were only effective in riling up extreme members of the conservative base.

“Republicans lost because they nominated extreme candidates, conspiracy theorists, and far-right radicals who advocated extreme positions, including attacks on an LGBTQ+ community that grows more politically powerful every election cycle,” said Joni Madison, HRC interim president. “As Sen. Mitch McConnell said earlier this week, Republicans’ negativity and excessive attacks were rejected by independent and moderate Republican voters. They didn’t generate the landslide they were betting on, thanks to the historic turnout of pro-equality, pro-democracy, and pro-choice voters who showed up to the polls in record numbers to reject extremism and deliver a series of victories for pro-equality candidates, including historic victories for LGBTQ+ candidates, women, and candidates of color.”