Support the Illinois Eagle on Giving Tuesday


For this year’s Giving Tuesday, we want to ask you to support the Illinois Eagle in serving the LGBTQ community of Central Illinois and beyond.

The Eagle is a labor of love. We do this work because this is a way we can support the community in what is becoming an increasingly difficult time for the community.

We’ve faced a lot this year. A bruising midterm election where, at least here in Illinois, we were able to stop the far-right from taking power. Anti-LGBTQ laws being proposed across the country, even here in Illinois. Many of those bills specifically take aim at our transgender community members, who are already under attack even without those laws.

Violence has raised its head again. From the (relatively) minor attack on UpRising Bakery for daring to have drag queens to the horrific attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs. Pride events from Decatur to Buffalo Grove have faced harassment and threats through out the year.

“Groomer” has become the new slur, reviving a once-dead accusation against the LGBTQ community. Somehow, we’ve gone back to the 1980s where being queer is being equated with being a pedophile. After years of historic advancements, it feels like we’re now on the defensive.

But we’re not starting from zero or without our own resources.

The vast majority of our fellow citizens are on our side. Majority of Americans support marriage equality, transgender rights and the freedom to live our lives as who we are. Illinois just elected its first out gay U.S. Representative. But not in the deep blue pool of Chicago, but in a sprawling district that covers rural areas in northwestern and central Illinois. Voters overwhelmingly supported candidates who have been vocal in supporting LGBTQ rights.

We are an active, visible part of the community across Illinois. This is a dark time, but we are fighting back. We are not silent even as our opponents keep yelling.

The Illinois Eagle is a part of our arsenal. We are doing what we can to fight back the lies from the right and to live our lives.

Our newest writer, Samuel Grayson, has done great coverage of national stories such as the Club Q shooter and KOSA.

Kieran Windsor has covered Pride in Logan County and an opportunity for gender-affirming care in Central Illinois.

Lauren Gray has reviewed movies, TV and books that celebrate our community and lives.

And our publisher Tom Wray has reported on vigils, legislation and Pride through out the region.

We do this work for you. The Eagle is a voice and forum for the LGBTQ community in Illinois. We want to be an advocate for the community and lift up the voices that do not get heard.

While we do work on the site, it really belongs to the community. We cover what’s important to you and your lives. We can’t do this without you.

If you can, we would like your support in our work.

If you can afford to, please consider donating to our Patreon. Every dollar donated goes into supporting the Eagle. It pays our writers, pays for our hosting and pays for the programs that keep the site running. Even if it’s just one dollar, every bit helps keep us going and growing.

If you can’t spare the money, then just be active with us. Share the stories that move you. Let us know what’s going on near you. Let others know about us as a resource. We need that as much as we monetary support.

Thank you for supporting our mission of serving the LGBTQ community in Illinois. It’s a labor of love that occasionally drives us nuts but also fills us with joy. We hope to do it for years to come.