Book Review: Dusty Road Home


It is rare that I find a book so compelling that I have trouble putting it down. But that happened with Dusty Road Home.

The plot is simple. Two women with opposite purposes are thrown together. One, Pilar, a journalist, must get an interview, with the handsome author of several books or lose her job. Mel has bought a country house, to escape from everything, in the town where she grew up. She gets threats from a woman’s husband because the married woman she was involved with ended the relationship with Mel rather than her husband. Mel has moved into the old house so recently: she barely has food in the place. She’s had the purpose of fixing the place up, and when through a series of events ends up snowed in with Pilar, whom she doesn’t care much for, they both try to make the best of it, but when the power goes out things become much more difficult. Eventually, the women start talking about their pasts and things get even more interesting.

Moreover, Melanie Crenshaw has a fallout with her father who was also a great writer, and to this day, has a big secret. When Pilar contacts him in order to find Melanie whom he hasn’t heard from, she accidentally outs Mel, and he calls Mel over to his house to disown her, as if her secret is bigger than his.

This writer Isabella is an award-winning author and the publisher of Sapphire Books. If you’ve been on social media, you’ve seen ads for this book. They seem to be everywhere. She’s an author who’s learned to use media to her advantage. Here’s the thing. I’m glad she made me aware of this book at every turn. It was worth buying and reading.

Dusty Road Home, by Isabella. Sapphire Books. 2022. p212.