Illinois Verse: December thoughts

Free public domain CC0 photo.

To Those We’ve Lost

To those we have lost
Our respects are due
Having such exhaust
Weight coming anew

In the coming year
Some we will forget
But toast some beer
To their silhouettes

But while we toast
It could strike ones
Ones we love most
It could be done

So before we move on
Remember who is gone

About This Poem:

I feel inspired to write this poem because as positive as I try to be, there will always be a hint of tragedy in our community. As we close out the year of 2022, I wanted to commemorate the people in our community who are no longer with us, especially in the wake of recent events. I just want to show my love and appreciation for the community, my peers. So to those we have lost, please rest in peace.

What We Can Celebrate

Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza
Winter Solstice and Bodhi Day
It doesn’t seem like we should
Partake in the joy of these days
I find myself thinking this over
The question of where we can
Go from here and find ourself
The way things used to be like
Can we have that for ourself?
Or are we mistaken to search
For a memory that isn’t there
And are we mistaken to think
Back upon memories of pride
Am I mistaken to lean on back
My back’s upon the pride I’ve
-No, we’ve- made all this time
The pride that wasn’t back then
I guess that’s all we’ve got now
That’s all we have to show for
So that’s what I’ll be celebrating

About This Poem:

I’m writing this poem today because I’m scared for the future. I’m scared that the light at the end of the tunnel is a train. That’s what I’m feeling as we’re heading into the holidays. While everyone else is acting happy and celebrating, I don’t think I’ll be able to get my mind off of my worries. So I wrote this poem so I could get things onto paper and onto my head, and maybe someone else feels the same way I do. So here.

In Our Time Of Need

In our time of need
From our own grief
Plant a small seed

Amidst tall weeds
Hides stealthy thief
In our time of need

Just one good deed
Will give us relief
Plant a small seed

One that will lead
Us all in firm belief
In our time of need

One that succeeds
Sword out of sheaf
Plant a small seed

The seed guarantees
Our welfare in cheif
In our time of need
Plant a small seed

About This Poem:

I’m not exactly sure that this poem makes sense at all, but I wanted to write it anyways. I wanted to write this poem because I’m trying to keep things positive here. Our community is in a very crucial moment right now, but I think that the community will heal. In the spirit of this moment, I thought it was time to take action, and since this is my form of action (writing, that is) I have this poem to share with you all.

Hang In There

Hang in there
My dear friend
And take care

Much to bear
A road’s bend
Hang in there

Set aside spare
Time to spend
And take care

Overly aware
Tears are shed
Hang in there

Fully prepare
Make amends
And take care

Still in despair
But in the end
Hang in there
And take care

About This Poem:

Like last month, I’d like to end with something hopeful and encouraging. I wanted to write this poem specifically because I know that some people in our community are affected by mental health, which can flare up around this time of year. This poem is for the people who are struggling. And although I can’t make everyone’s problems disappear, I can show my appreciation and support. It’s because even though I might not know you, we’re all trying to do our best alongside each other. So until next time, please take care of yourself, as I am trying to do the same alongside you.