Illinois Verse: With Every New Year

Ray looks forward to the new year.

With Every New Year

With every new year
I have a bit of hope
Hope for new cheer
So that we can cope

With each new season
I try to sing a new song
Shouldn’t be any reason
Not to overlook the wrong

But if the past repeats
My hope is mistaken
Not on the right beat
My heart is so shaken

But I hope that’s not the case
I hope for better for our race

About This Poem:

I don’t have too much to say about this poem because it’s one of those poems that you just sit down and write without thinking. There’s no rhyme or reason behind this poem; it just exists.Its lines, however, hold the truth for me. I always try to write the truth, and it’s true that I try to have hope for the future even though it’s really hard to do that right now.

An Infinity Of Possible Futures

An infinity of possible futures
An unlimited number of paths
Down th row of neat sutures
With your hands, do the math

Trace your finger down the line
Down what you picture inside
I make the current second mine
So we can find what is bonfide

But time is delicate and fleeting
We don’t have much time together
Our time together is now depleting
And so we’re in for bad weather

But even so, I can still have dreams
And have the light of a moon beam

About This Poem:

This poem is inspired by a song by the Japanese girl group Perfume called “Mugen Mirai.” It’s a song about saying goodbye to the past and moving forward. I wanted to capture the meaning of that song in a poem. This applies to the mission of this column because we can all relate to this message. What I think we need to do right now is to acknowledge where we came from and use that knowledge to make a brighter future for ourselves. But that’s just my opinion. I’ll get off of my soapbox now.


Reaolutions for the things you want in life the most
Everyone has them, things they want for themselves
Some of us, like me, want to be treaded with equality
Over the years, there’s been progress, but not enough
LGBT identities aren’t just things you read about, no
Ultimately, all we want, all I want, is for you to see
The difference one little word, my pronoun, can make
I don’t mean to police you, but pleast try to understand
One correction of language doesn’t mean you are evil
No, it’s just that this year, I want things to be different
So let’s give this a shot;; no, let’s give me a shot: they

About This Poem:

I felt inspired to write this poem because my New Year’s resolution has to do with being misgendered. I’m not sure how to go about doing it, but I’d like to start correcting people more when they misgender me. I feel kind of weird about it, but it’s something that needs to be done. I just hope that people don’t take it the wrong way. So by writing this poem, I guess I’m just trying to voice my feelings and concerns. Feel free to let me know what you think about this by leaving a comment for me.

Whatever Happens Will Happen

Whatever happens will happen
Whatever the world will will
An unwanted gift unwrappen
We weren’t expecting it until

Until whatever it is transpires
And even then I won’t give in
We won’t add fuel to the fires
But we will use love to win

And even then, we have unity
And even then, we have hope
Never without my connunity
As if we’re joined by a rope

So I’m going with the flow
So that the roots may grow

About This Poem:

Again, I wrote this poem without thinking. I just sort of sat down and wrote what was on my mind. But again, here’s the truth. I wish you all the best, as I’m tryng to wish myself the best. Times will be rough. I know this because that’s the way things can be sometimes. However, I do wish you the best. I’m wishing and hoping for the best for you. And I do hope you take care of yourself this year, as I am trying to do the very same. Until next time, best wishes

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