TV Review: The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2, For the Future


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So after watching the trailer we know that The Collector (a Season 2 villain) has upended the Demon Realm. He has turned many of the Demon Realms residents into puppets, including Raine Whispers. The Collector has also turned Hooty (the demon of the owl house himself) into a jack-in-the-box. He has transformed the Demon Realm to match his own care-bear-like aesthetic. My friend pointed out that this particular writing and design choice might have to do with Disney saying that The Owl House doesn’t fit its brand. What could be more on-brand for Disney than a purple world with smiling shooting stars and plenty of living toys? Of course, this image ends up being more disturbing than wholesome, making this seem like it may be intentionally an eff you to Disney. Also, this concept may be a reference toWeirdmageddon from Gravity Falls.

We also know that the Owl House appears to have been abandoned as it is covered in ominous graffiti. We’ve seen that King is with The Collector, but where is Eda?

Here are a couple of sneak peeks as well:

In the first sneak peek, we can see that Luz still plans on staying in the human realm after saving the demon realm. It is clear that her mother Camilla is unsure about this decision. She wants to see Luz, of course but wants her to be happy. And Luz loves the demon realm. This also poses a problem for Luz and Amity’s relationship since Amity probably won’t want to move to the human realm.

In the second sneak peek, we learn Odalia Blight’s fate. She has been forced into being a mother figure to The Collector. There is a fitting irony in this because Odalia was unhealthily controlling of her actual children. Now she must take care of a child who pushes her around. Also, we see even more characters who have been turned into puppets, including one of Willow’s dads.

I also appreciated that despite having a fast-paced plot, the characters were given moments to slow down and process their emotions. We all know they’ve all been through it, especially Hunter. Unfortunately, the episode still is quite fast-paced, as the writers don’t have a lot of episodes left to wrap things up. The episode was all over the place, trying to show us all what was happening to every single character in only an hour. I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to be focusing on. As we can see in the trailer, King read a book about the Collectors, but it’s unclear who the author is. I know it’s meant to be mysterious, but it would have been nice to at least get a hint during this episode. I hope the that finale is able to tie up these loose ends well. It’s difficult to imagine that they’ll be able to give us a satisfying ending to such a complicated plot in only an hour. After all, the characters have both Belos and The Collector to deal with. Still, I’m ride or die for The Owl House, so here am for the ride, hopeful that the next episode will bring more answers.

You can watch the full episode for free from Disney’s YouTube channel here:

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