Two anti-LGBTQ bills filed in Indiana House


A “Don’t Say Gay” bill and an anti-trans bill have been filed in the Indiana House of Representatives within the past two weeks.

The first, House Bill 1220 filed on Jan. 10, would bar gender-affirming treatments for anyone below the age of 18, including puberty blockers. Exceptions would be made for intersex people.

Under the proposed law, any healthcare provider that provides gender-affirming care, medical or surgical, will be referred to the State Medical Board for disciplinary action. Also, within the first two years, anyone can file a lawsuit against the provider for damages.

House Bill 1608, filed on Jan. 19, would ban any any instruction to “study, explore, or inform students about sexual orientation, gender identity, or certain other concepts.” It would apply to any school, public, private or charter school.

Both bills were written by State Rep. Michelle Davis (R-Indiana), represents a district just south of the state capital.

Last year, the state General Assembly passed a bill banning transgender girls from playing on girls’ teams, overriding the governor’s veto.

The Indiana House has a Republican supermajority.