Indivisible Aurora stands with Aurora Pride on lawsuit

Aurora, Illinois

Indivisible Aurora has declared that their organization is standing with Aurora Pride in their lawsuit against the city.

Last week, Aurora Pride filed a federal lawsuit challenging the ordinance that led to the 2022 Pride Parade permit being revoked only a few days before it was to take place.

The parade was originally produced by Indivisible before Aurora Pride was spun off into its own organization. Indivisible said that from the start of the parade, there has been resistance and opposition to the parade from the city.

“The new ordinance is disingenuous and seems retaliatory, punishing community organizers for their beliefs,” the organization said in a statement. “It violates their freedom of speech and is a part of an ongoing practice to control all cultural/community-led events in the City of Aurora that do not entirely align with the City’s agenda. The ordinance led to the parade’s permit in 2022 being revoked days before the parade, although the decision was reversed immediately. The debacle resulted in an additional $22,000 in charges to Aurora Pride. Why are community organizations/organizers being met with such antagonism for wanting to support the community in their efforts to make Aurora reflect the so-called ‘One Aurora’ slogan?”

Indivisible said the ordinance is dishonest attempt to undermine Aurora Pride. The organization said opposition comes from the city whenever Indivisible or Aurora Pride say something the city does not agree with. In 2022, it was asking for Aurora Police marching in the parade to be in soft uniform, or polos and t-shirts, instead of full uniform.

“We anticipate the community to stand behind Aurora Pride as they have shown countless times,” Indivisible said in the statement. “No matter the outcome, Indivisible Aurora will continue supporting Aurora Pride in their annual event and other LGBTQ+ oriented events they organize for the City of Aurora and surrounding suburbs.”