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The Illinois Eagle has a variety of options for advertisers wanting to reach the Illinois bear, leather, fetish  and fandom communities.


We have four 214-by-300 pixel spaces on the left sidebar of the Eagle. Ads can run for as short a period as seven days to a full year of rotation. The rate for a full month is $15, smaller or longer time periods can be arranged by contacting the publisher with prorated costs.

To place your ad in this space, email advertising@greatlakesden.net.


We have a single 500-by-88 pixel banner ad space available in the masthead of the site. Unlike the others, this ad does NOT rotate. It is also visible on all pages of the site. Current rates for that space are $15 per month. For a price of $300, you can book an entire year. This space is booked only through arrangements of the publisher at advertising@greatlakesden.net.

Ad creation

The Illinois Eagle can create an ad for a small additional fee. Contact advertising@greatlakesden.net for information and details on ad creation rates.

Press Releases, Links and Calendar Listings

Calendar listings and publishing press releases will remain free. Links are added when a reciprocal link has been placed on your organization or business site or blog.