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Trans people with felony convictions fight for right to change names in Illinois

Eisha Love stood outside an apartment building on Chicago’s West Side in February 2019, searching for a new beginning. In the seven years before, she’d lived in a jail cell, a shelter, and her mom’s apartment. Looking for her own place felt like a big step toward reclaiming her freedom, Love said.

Prosecutors said her sexual orientation was motive to kill. Now, she’s asking Illinois’ governor for clemency.

By Chloe Hilles  Prosecutors in Bernina Mata’s 1999 murder trial made an unusual claim about her motive to kill: the fact that she identified as...

As Illinois bans immigration detention, one Indiana county looks to cash in

Clay County is a lot like the other counties around it: rural, overwhelmingly white, lower middle class, and very Republican. But one thing that sets the county apart is its local jail, which is the only jail in Indiana that holds immigrants and asylum-seekers in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.

Illinois lawmakers clash with state Supreme Court over bias training for judges

By Josh McGhee A bill in the Illinois Senate would require judges in the state to attend more training about issues like trauma, racial bias, and...

Nine Illinois prison guards disciplined after mocking transgender inmates on Facebook

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Department of Corrections issued suspensions and written reprimands to nine prison guards who mocked, demeaned or disclosed personal information about transgender inmates in private Facebook groups.

St. Louis Police Dept. fires two officers after troubling social media posts

ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has fired two officers whose troubling public Facebook posts were included in an online database of social media activity by members of law enforcement.

Illinois Dept. of Corrections announces new social media policy after employees mocked transgender prisoners online

CHICAGO — The Illinois Department of Corrections announced a revised social media policy for its roughly 12,000 employees that goes into effect over the weekend.

Illinois appellate court rejects ordinance banning detention of 10-12 year olds

CHICAGO — A divided Illinois Appellate Court panel this week ruled that Cook County judges may detain pre-teenagers, rejecting a county ordinance that banned the practice.

Prison guards mocked transgender inmates in two private Facebook groups

CHICAGO — At least 25 Illinois Department of Corrections employees have taken part in online conversations that mocked, demeaned, or disclosed personal and medical information about transgender inmates.

St. Clair judge facing discipline over accusations he lied about contact with murder suspect

BELLEVILLE — Beleaguered St. Clair County judge Ronald R. Duebbert on Tuesday told the judicial discipline authority that he misled police about his contact with a murder suspect because he “was petrified.”

Accused of abuse by transgender inmates, correctional officers mock LGBTQ on Facebook

CHICAGO — Two Illinois Department of Corrections officers accused in lawsuit of civil rights violations against a transgender woman publicly shared memes or other posts that mocked members of the L.G.B.T.Q. community.

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