Quad Cities rally celebrates local trans leaders

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Last night at the rally in support of trans rights in Davenport, Iowa, Scott Xavier Fieker shared his story of transition and hope. About 100 people came to the Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities to heat from local speakers. The event stayed positive and focused about love and compassion in the trans community. At one point, the community took time to recognize trans people in the audience. A few people who had never been in a welcoming environment before were moved to tears.

Meet Stephanie Skora, Chicago’s anti-zionist trans Jewish leader

“I’m the most prominent anti-zionist Jewish trans woman in the midwest. There’s three of us, but thats something.” But let’s start in 1895. That’s where Stephanie Skora begins the story of her faith, when members of her family who survived pogroms in Russia and Poland founded the first synagogue in Chicago after the famous fire, Congregation Ezras Israel in Rogers Park. Stephanie grew up in the same congregation before her family moved to a Reconstructionist synagogue.

A quick guide to trans-affirming worship in Chicago

We’ve all seen signs outside religious spaces that read “all are welcome”, but how do you know if a congregation is really trans-affirming? It can be hard to trust that we’ll be safe just walking in the front doors. Many trans people have experienced religious trauma from clergy or family members who use religion to punish us. But as a trans person who freely chooses to participate in a religious community, I believe that all of us deserve an affirming space to express our spirituality. Having support in your spiritual journey can be life-saving.