Jackson County Health Department hosts a 5K Run/Walk in honor of World AIDS Day

CARBONDALE — Dec. 1, 2018, marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Founded in 1988 as the first world health day, it was the first step towards supporting people who have HIV. Jackson County Health Department, in conjunction with the LIFE Community Center, is hosting a 5K Run/Walk to honor World AIDS Day. The goal is to raise awareness, funds, and educate the people of Southern Illinois on the risks of HIV.

SIU LGBTQ Resource Center hosts ‘Queersgiving’

CARBONDALE — Thanksgiving is coming up, which means eating too much food and trying our best to tiptoe around political conversations at the dinner table. For those of us with very boisterous families, it can be difficult to avoid. This is The LGBTQ Resource Center at Southern Illinois University has set up a “Queersgiving.” The goal is to give LGBTQ people a positive Thanksgiving experience before heading home to potentially intolerant environments. The event is potluck style, and some catering from Townsquare Market will be provided. There will likely be music and activities.