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Movie Review: Nimona

I loved reading the graphic novel, Nimona by N.D. Stevenson, for my children’s literature class in college. I mentioned it here: So I was excited when I heard that it was being adapted into a film. I was even more more excited when I heard that openly gay member of the YouTube group, The Try Guys, Eugene Lee Yang, was going to acting be in it. He plays Goldenloin, the protagonist Ballister’s best friend, and love interest, turned “nemesis”. As you know if you’ve read my other reviews, I love the enemies to lovers trope, and they’re a queer couple, so that’s even better!

Movie Review: The Lady in the Van

The Lady in the Van is based on a book, based on a true story by Alan Bennett, an English playwright who let a woman woman (Miss Shepherd played by Dame Maggie Smith) park her van in his driveway “temporarily”, where she ended up living for fifteen years.

Book Review: The New Queer Conscience

The New Queer Conscience by Eli Adams is a manifesto for young adults on the need for LGTBQ+ solidarity. Adams reflects on his experience’s of Jewish solidarity, and argues that queer people should similarly support each other.

Book Review: The Heartstopper Yearbook

The Heartstopper Yearbook is a companion book to the Heartstopper graphic novel series by Alice Oseman. It does not continue the plot of the Heartstopper series, instead giving more information to fans about characters and providing interactive activities like quizzes and drawing tutorials. (I’m apparently more like Charlie than Nick, although I could have guessed that myself.) There are profiles for every character, about their likes, dislikes, and favorite song. Readers also get to learn more about the main character’s families. Additionally The Yearbook includes one plot piece, a short comic about teachers, Mr. Farouk and Mr. Ajayi, who are romantically interested in one another. I thought that comic was really cute. It was a continuation of the plot after the school trip to France where the two teachers really bonded. It’s nice to see some LGBTQ+ adults in the series, since the focus in generally on the teens. There’s nothing wrong with the teen focus, I actually think that it’s great. But it’s also nice to mix things up a bit, and see older queer people in love.

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