Court Support for Trans Lifeline Cofounder Nina Chaubal

CHICAGO — Last December, Nina Chaubal was returning home after a very long fundraising trip for Trans Lifeline , when she was detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for not being able to immediately provide her marriage certificate to authorities when they questioned her citizenship at a random checkpoint in Arizona. As a result, she spent a week including New Year’s Eve 2016 in a for-proit I.C.E. detention facility notorious for its abuses against undocumented immigrants and trans women. Thanks to all of her friends, and supporters of Trans Lifeline, we were able to get her out ASAP by flooding the facility and I.C.E. staff with phone calls and emails demanding her release 24/7, but she needs your help one more time. She has been granted a visa to stay in the U.S. so the case may be dismissed before the court date, but we are living in a new era under 45 where the normal rules don’t apply and people seem to be deported for no reason whatsoever. On top of all this, we received a call on the hotline from an I.C.E. facility last week asking if they could list Trans Lifeline as a resource for people as they are released from the facility.

Chicago Leather Club goes on hiatus

CHICAGO — Chicago Leather Club, a service-oriented leather club in Chicago, announced Tuesday that they would be going on indefinite hiatus. From their Facebook page:
Hello CLC family and friends,

On Friday, Oct 27th, the active full members of CLC voted to suspend the bylaws of the club and go on an indefinite hiatus. This motion has included language that will allow Chicago Leather Club to resume in the future if the remaining full members agree to do so. This was a really hard discussion to have, and it still feels like a bit of grieving, but we also had to accept that times of our community have changed us all. The club scene today is not what it was 16 years ago when we started.

Trident Chili Cook-Off raises $1,500 for BYC

CHICAGO — Trident Windy City’s annual Chili Cook-Off raised $1,500 for Chicago’s Broadway Youth Center and new participant Chicago Puppy Patrol nabbed first place in the competition.

Local leather service club Trident Windy City hosts two inter-club competitions each year, a cupcake baking competition in the spring and a chill cook-off in fall. All money raised goes to BYC.

Touché celebrates 40 years

CHICAGO — Chicago’s oldest leather bar Touché is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this week. The bar kicked off the celebrations on Wednesday, Nov. 1, at the bar itself. The bar had drink prices from 1977, a performance from Sharon McKnight, a buffet and birthday cake. The celebration will continue through the weekend.

Leather Archives board adopts new mission statement

CHICAGO — At the Annual Meeting of the Leather Archives and Museum (LA&M) the Board of Directors continued strategic planning work that began last year with the adoption of a new Mission Statement for the organization. “The new mission statement better reflects both the work of the LA&M and the communities we serve,” said Bob Miller, a board member. “It also properly highlights accessibility. For centuries sex has been feared and kink and power exchange in sex has been condemned. We are embracing the future of sex in a new era of understanding and celebration.”

Board member Mike Daggs shared, “Language around the leather lifestyle has changed and this new mission statement gives the Archives and opportunity to look forward to its next 25 years.”

According to board member Steve Ranger, “During the planning sessions the we sought to create a clear and concise mission that will guide the core work of the LA&M staff, volunteers, and Board.”

The new Mission Statement, “Making leather, kink, BDSM, and fetish accessible through research, preservation, education and community engagement” is now live on the LA&M’s website at and will begin to guide the daily and long-term operations of the institution.

ABW presents $900 to local charity

CHICAGO — The producers of American Brotherhood Weekend are pleased to present a check for $900 to Heartland Alliance on October 12, 2017 in Chicago. During the contest weekend Two fundraising efforts – a MST3K-style roasting of the movie “Fifty Shades of Gray” hosted by Laura Antoniou and Karen Ultra, and an ABW Bingo game held during the contest weekend. These entertaining moments in the weekend raised $900 for Vital Bridges, a Chicago charitable organization that provides food & housing support for people who are HIV+. The check was presented to Lori Cannon by Dean Ogren, owner/producer of ABW. Lori is the Northside Pantry Coordinator and Founder of Open Hand the predecessor of Heartland Alliance – Vital Bridges Center on Chronic Care.

Executive director search committee updates LA&M membership on progress

CHICAGO — The Leather Archives and Museum (LA&M) Executive Director Search Committee reports the process for naming the next Executive Director is progressing as planned. In June 2017, following 15 years as LA&M Executive Director, Rick Storer pursued new opportunities with another Chicago non-profit organization. “The Board has been quick to develop and implement a comprehensive process to recruit, screen, interview, and appoint our next Executive Director, said Bob Behr, Acting President of the LA&M Board. “The most important decision we as a Board can make is the hiring of the Executive Director. I am impressed with the process and progress of the search,” Behr continued.

American Brotherhood Weekend this weekend

CHICAGO — Our 28th year promises to have yet another reason to visit Chicago in October. another family reunion that you have all come to love. Stay tuned as more will follow. Event Schedule at a Glance (Subject to change)

Friday 10/6

5:00-10:00 pm Registration for participants at Touché: Join us for a pre event cocktail as you register. As guest arrive this starts to really turn into a fun afternoon pre Opening Party/Party.

#HireTrans Chicago campaign launches

CHICAGO — A new Chicago-based campaign, #HireTrans, is launching this week in advance of an LGBTQ job fairSept. 29. Windy City Times, Chicago’s LGBTQ newspaper since 1985, created the #HireTrans campaign to push for more opportunities for transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) individuals, who face high obstacles for consistent employment and advancement opportunities on the job. More than 60 TGNC folks gave of their time to be photographed at one of three public photo shoots with award-winning filmmaker André Pérez. The website features photos from the campaign, as designed by Patrick Olson.