Third transgender inmate sues IDOC for a transfer to women’s prison

DANVILLE — A transgender inmate at the Danville Correctional Facility, a medium security men’s prison, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) after being repeatedly subjected to sexual harassment and assault by both prisoners and IDOC staff. This is the third time in the past year that transgender women have had to sue the IDOC to get a transfer. It was filed by the MacArthur Justice Center and the Uptown People’s Law Center, who have both been involved in the other cases against the IDOC. The complaint has been filed anonymously under the name “Tay Tay,” at the request of the plaintiff for fear of threats and retaliation. Strawberry Hampton, one of the other women who sued for a transfer, has asked for clemency because of retaliation from staff.

Southern Illinois politicians push back on Inclusive Curriculum Bill

EFFINGHAM — Conservatives in southern and southeastern Illinois are opposing the Inclusive Curriculum Bill that is on its way to the State Senate. The Effingham Daily News reported Monday that both school officials and politicians are speaking out against the bill. 

St. Rep. Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) said in March that local school superintendents should actively oppose the bill. 

“I can’t imaging that there are many parents here locally that are eager for their schools to start teaching this curriculum in the classroom,” Wilhour said in a website post from a local radio station. “If cities like Chicago can ignore federal immigration laws, then surely school districts in Southern Illinois can ignore ridiculous mandates like this. It is time to take a stand against over-reaching, far left policies like this.”

He called the curriculum bill “indoctrination” and an “unfunded mandate.”


State Rep. to try to block transgender-supportive state Medicaid policy

SPRINGFIELD — St. Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) has told a Central Illinois TV station that he wants to block a new state Medicaid policy for gender-affirming surgeries. Last week, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced a new policy that would allow transgender people to use Illinois’s Medicaid program to pay for gender affirming surgery. He had told the state Department of Healthcare and Family Services to develop a policy to cover the surgeries for people with gender dysphoria. While many in the LGBTQ community celebrated the news, others haven’t been so happy.

Queer Healthy Relationships with Women of Pride at UIUC

CHAMPAIGN — Women of Pride and the University of Illinois LGBT Center is hosting a discussion on healthy relationships on Monday, April 8. From the Facebook event:
To kick off Queer-It Week, Women of Pride and Students Against Sexual Assault will be hosting a discussion and workshop on Queer Healthy Relationships! We’ll be delving into a lot of topics such as healthy communication, boundaries and expectations, different types of relationships, and how to best take care of yourself and each other. Feel free to reach out with questions, comments, concerns. We will be hosting this workshop at 6PM in the LGBT Resource Center next Monday, April 8th.

Queer Prom 2019: Gay the Force Be with You in Champaign

CHAMPAIGN —  The UP Center of Champaign County is hosting a Queer Prom on Saturday, May 4. From the Facebook event:
A few weeks from now, in a YMCA not so far away… The UP Center of Champaign County is throwing its 2nd annual queer prom! Youth ages 13-18 are invited to join the rebel alliance, dance, celebrate, and build community. Expect dinner and refreshments, a photo booth, great music, and local businesses providing hair, makeup, and costume support! This event is free, but registration is required!

Drag Queen Story Hour Easter Edition in Danville

DANVILLE — Drag Queen Story Hour is returning to eastern Illinois with an event at the David S. Palmer Arena in Danville. From the Facebook event:
Drag Queen Story Hour is a fun and important program that celebrates diversity in the way that children may dress and act. It encourages children to look beyond gender stereotypes and embrace unfettered exploration of self. Programs like DQSH encourage acceptance of difference and help to prevent bullying, while providing an enjoyable literary experience. 2-3 Stories will be read
Along with Coloring craft
And an Easter Egg Hunt!

St. Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville)

State Rep: Parents need opt-out for LGBTQ history bill

LOUISVILLE, Ill. — A state representative in southeastern Illinois is saying the Inclusive Curriculum Bill needs a parental opt-out. St. Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) announced that he had voted against the bill in an article that was carried by several small town newspapers, but had Bailey’s byline. “I am opposed to yet another mandate on our teachers,” Bailey said in the article.

UofI Academic Senate approves more funding for Women’s Resources Center

URBANA — The University of Illinois Academic Senate has approved a proposal to increase resources for students and staff affected by sexual misconduct on Monday. The News-Gazette of Champaign/Urbana reported that the Senate approved the measure by a vote of 111 to 1. The resolution urges the campus to hire more confidential advocates at the Women’s Resources Center. According to the newspaper, the center has two staff members for the whole campus. Funds were approved to fund two more hires.

UofI LGBT Resource Center looking for research study participants

CHAMPAIGN — The University of Illinois LGBT Resource center announced a search for research study participants on Friday. From their Facebook post:


The purpose of this research study is to assess emerging issues confronting Black/African American intersex people with medical professionals. To participate in this research, you must:
• Be intersex
• Be Black/African American
• Be 18 years old or older

Participation in this study involves:
• Up to 2 interviews by video chat, phone or in person
• Each interview will last 30-60 minutes

To find out more information about this study,
please contact Alishia Alexander at:
• Phone: **Please contact the LGBTRC Staff if you would like this researcher’s contact number**
• Email: