Walk with MetroEast Pride at O’Fallon holiday parade

O’FALLON — MetroEast Pride is asking for volunteers to walk with them during the annual holiday parade in O’Fallon. From MetroEast Pride’s Facebook page:
Volunteers needed! We will be walking in the 2018 O’Fallon Illuminated Holiday Parade this Saturday, November 23rd. We are looking for community members and allies to walk with us in order to make a greater impact at the parade. If you or your organization would like to volunteer, please contact Nicci Kincer at nicci@metroeastprideswi.org or send her a direct message on Facebook.

O’Fallon school board could change policy on transgender students tonight

O’FALLON — The school board for District 90 in O’Fallon will be looking at two possible revisions in their policy towards transgender students, a local newspaper reported. The Belleville News-Democrat reported that the district is under pressure from two statewide groups to update the policy they voted on last year. According to the newspaper, the school does not allow students to the use the bathroom of their identified gender, only biological. And all student records are in the student’s “legal name.” To the school board, students are the gender assigned at birth is what determines their sports teams and what facilities they use.

Judge orders Illinois to review transgender inmate’s move request

EAST ST. LOUIS — A federal judge has ruled that the Illinois Department of Corrections must look at all evidence for a transgender inmates request to be moved. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Rosenstengel said the Illinois Department of Corrections’ Transgender Care Review Committee must consider all evidence for and against transferring 27-year-old Strawberry Hampton to a women’s facility. Hampton has been requesting a move for months. From the Sun-Times:
Rosenstengel also gave the department 14 days to tell the court how it plans to train all correctional staff on transgender issues.

HiBearNation 24: Fifty Shades of Bear

ST. LOUIS — The Show Me Bears of St. Louis will be hosting their 34th bear run, Hibernation, on Nov. 1 through 4. From the Facebook event page:
The Show-Me Bears present HiBearNation 24: Fifty Shades of Bear November 1st- 4th in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Noga Sachs opening for The Serenity Strategy Network at SIUE’s Inaugural Diversity Day

EDWARDSVILLE — The Serenity Strategy Network has been developing a platform that will increase LGBT+ enrollment on campuses across the world. They are one of Saint Louis’s first LGBT+ social enterprises. Noga Sachs is opening the talk and will hit on how inflammatory remarks could increase unrest on college campuses. She will also cover the current political climate of the US. The Serenity Strategy Network understands that self-reported rankings do not accurately represent the resources actually available on college campuses.

IDOC denies abuse allegations in transgender inmate’s lawsuit

BELLEVILLE — The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) has denied abuse allegations made in a transgender inmate’s lawsuit on Monday. The Belleville News-Democrat reported Wednesday that IDOC had responded to a lawsuit filed by Deon “Strawberry” Hampton. She sued to be moved to a women’s correctional facility. She has been moved to several men’s prisons across the state. Hampton is serving a 10 year sentence for robbery and is currently at the Dixon Correctional Center.

St. Louis Effort for AIDS merging with Wisconsin HIV non-profit

ST. LOUIS — St. Louis Effort for AIDS (EFA) will be merging with the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW), media reports said Thursday. The combined organizations will be headquartered in Milwaukee, the Milwaukee BizTimes reported. However, Effort for AIDS will keep working under its own name.

Alton’s Main Street Methodist to host discussion on LGBTQ inclusion

ALTON — The Church and Society Committee of Alton’s Main Street United Methodist Church is sponsoring a program entitled “Conversations Concerning LGBTQ Within the Church and Community,” beginning Thursday, Sept. 20, The (Alton) Telegraph reported. From the Telegraph:
There will be four separate sessions held on consecutive Thursday evenings, starting at 7 p.m.

The purpose of the program, according to Committee Chairperson Thomas Johnson, is to give people the opportunity to learn more about lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer issues. “Pursuant to the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church, we are committed to supporting basic human rights and liberties for all persons, regardless of sexual orientation,” said Johnson. “The United Methodist Church will be meeting this winter in St.

MTUG’s Got Talent on Sept. 19

ST. LOUIS — The Metro Trans Umbrella Group will be hosting a series of talent shows through November. And they need people to get on stage. From their Facebook event:
WE ARE LOOKING FOR PERFORMERS!!! Join Metro Trans Umbrella Group for a 3 NIGHT SPECIAL EVENT (Sept 19th, October 17th, and November 21st) at The Monocle for “MTUG’s GOT TALENT!”