Movie Review- A Few Dead Ends With ‘House at the End of the Street’

April BarkleyWCB Movie Writer Director- Mark TonderaiStudio- FilmNation EntertainmentStarring- Jennifer Lawrence,Max Thieriot, Gil Bellows,Elisabeth ShueRating: 2 out of 4 stars “The Hunger Games” Jennifer Lawrence isn’t fighting to the death in the woods anymore but she is fighting to survive. “House at the End of the Street” does have a few dead ends though. This new horror and thriller movie provides a few scares but it does lack a few twists and turns that should have been there.“House at the End of the Street” follows Elissa Cassidy (Jennifer Lawrence) who moves to a new town with her mother. Their new home is spacious, attractive, set in the woods and for some reason, very reasonably priced. Mom and daughter learn that they live next door to a house where a young girl had murdered her parents.

Album Review- Green Day, “Uno!”

Megan PurazrangWCB Music Writer Green Day Uno!Released – September 24, 2012Label – RepriseProducers – Rob Cavello, Green Day Green Day “Uno!” (Reprise) For those who loved Green Day in the beginning and lost faith in the band along the way – have no hesitation. The younger years that were seen during the hit record “Dookie” (1994) with songs such as “Basketcase” are back with the first album released of the trilogy, “Uno!” on September 24, 2012. The second record, “Dos!,” will be released on Nov. 13 and the third “Tre!” will be released on Jan. 15.

Album Review – Young the Giant, “Young the Giant”

Megan PurazrangWCB Music Writer Young the Giant, Young the GiantReleased- October 26, 2010Label – RoadrunnerProducer – Joe Chicarelli, Young the Giant Young the Giant’s self-titled debut is a refreshing indie/alternative rock discovery. The music is mellow yet inviting, and tends to reflect emotions that we feel in everyday life. The record begins with “Apartment,” a song with smooth and easy listening guitar strumming that has the head bouncing along within seconds. The percussion is light and distinctive throughout. In comparison to slower indie style like the work of Mumford and Sons, the sound of Young the Giant is much more lively, but still shares the same talent level.

Album Review – Jason Mraz, “Love Is A Four Letter Word”

Megan PurazrangWCB Music WriterJason MrazLove Is A Four Letter WordReleased – April 13, 2012Producer – Joe Chiccarelli, Rick Nowels              In April of this year, Jason Mraz released his newest endeavor and fourth studio album titled “Love Is A Four Letter Word.” It followed the success of his last record released in 2008, “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.”             As we experienced with the previous album, Mraz can serve the mainstream well, and although he challenges his common ground this time around, he still delivers tunes with his beloved pop-rock style.             The intro “Freedom Song” is filled with jazz elements, including brass instrumentation. The melody is hip and the back-up vocals hold nostalgic blues moments.

Movie Review- ‘The Possession’ is Your Cliche Exorcist Movie; With a Few Twists

April Barkley WCB Movie Writer  Director-Ole BornedalProduced by Sam RaimiStudio-Ghost House PicturesStarring-Natasha Calis,Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra SedgwickRating-3 out of 4 stars When people hear that the newest horror flick coming to theaters is about possession, people count down the days until they get to see it, theaters are packed, and popcorn starts to fly as people jump and watch little girls become possessed. The newest possession movie, The Possession is based on a true story, or so they say but I would put money on it that the entire hour and a half was completely exaggerated. Every horror film these days is “based on a true story.” How many psycho ghosts and demons could possibly be out there?It resembles almost every cliché possession movie ever released by following a young girl who starts acting oddly, becomes belligerent, curses in every sentence, then her family figures out she’s possessed, and find someone to perform an exorcism. So while it possesses, pun intended, cliché horror story lines, it does have unique plot points and does provide scary scenes.  It follows divorced couple Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Stephanie Brenek (Kyra Sedgwick) and their two daughters. At a yard sale, the youngest daughter Em (Natasha Calis) has her eye set on a wooden box with ancient carvings on it.

A Garage Sale Classic- ‘A*P*E’ Movie Review

April Barkley WCB Movie Writer Director- Paul LederStarring- Rod Arrants, Alex Nicol,Joanna KernsSummertime means garage sales, which means old VHS tapes for 50 cents. Recently, I saw a movie called A*P*Eon VHS at one of the garage sales and the cover looked like a King Kong type movie. I had to have it. I watched it the other night and I have to say that was the best 50 cents I have ever spent. It’s an American/South Korean movie from in 1976 and directed by Paul Leder.

Movie Review- ‘The Watch’ has babes, aliens, and beer and that’s about it

April Barkley WCB Movie WriterStudio-21 Laps ProductionsDirector-Akiva SchafferStarring-Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn,Jonah Hill, Richard AyoadeRating-2 out of 4 stars I was very much looking forward to watching Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, and Jonah Hill run around on screen killing aliens. I fulfilled my curiosity and my verdict is that it was a love/hate relationship between me and what I watched on screen. It sucked but I laughed. Vince Vaughn over did it, which sometimes he does but it didn’t work here. Ben Stiller was entertaining and Jonah Hill was hilarious.

Movie Review- As the final film of the trilogy, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ delivers

April Barkley WCB Movie WriterStudio-Legendary PicturesDirector-Christopher NolanStarring-Christian Bale, Michael Caine,Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway,Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard,Joseph Gordon-Levitt,Morgan FreemanRating-3 out of 4 starsThe Dark Knight Rises has been a long awaited film. As the concluding movie to the trilogy, it rises to that challenge. At times though, the film falls with its slow growing plot and climax and little action, until the end. I liked this movie, even though I was hoping to love it. But, flaws aside, director Christopher Nolan made this film intense, daring, and fun with great casting.

Album Review – Maroon 5, “Hands All Over”

Megan PurazrangWCB Music Writer   Maroon 5 Hands All Over   Released – August 18, 2010 Producers – Robert John “Mutt” Lange,Shellback, Benny BlancoLabel –  A&M/Octone Something that is never at question is how successful a Maroon 5 album release will be. Since the debut album Songs about Jane was released in 2002, the pop-rock band had immediate and strongly recognizable hit singles such as “She Will Be Loved,” “Sunday Morning” and “This Love,” which allowed a worldwide interest to begin. This is without a doubt connected to lead vocalist Adam Levine’s distinguishing high pitch serenade.  The album to follow was It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2007).This trend is no different when it comes to their 2010 Hands All Overalbum. (Of course, The Voice hiring Levine as a coach most likely accompanied the successful album run.) The introductory track is “Misery” and it is led by the staccato drum style of Matt Flynn and an up-tempo vibe along with a title that leaves no lyrical explanation.