Bitchcraft: A Bewitching Halloween Drag Show, Oct. 27

CHICAGO — The Kiki Queens are doing a fundraiser for Center on Halsted youth groups at the center tomorrow night. From the Facebook event:
Our Halloween show will not disappoint. The Sanderson Sisters will guide you through a night of monsters, weirdos, and various creatures (and ladies) of the night. This will be the event of the season…or just a muck, a muck, a muck! Bar opens at 7:00pm, Doors to the theater open at 7:30pm, Show Starts at 8:00pm.

LGBTQ acceptance

GOP response for LGBTQ acceptance lags far behind other candiates

NEW YORK — Republican candidates this year refused to respond to a survey about LGBTQ acceptance, according to the organization that ran the survey. GLAAD, an LGBTQ media advocacy organization, said GOP candidates had a poor response rate while announcing the results of the survey, “Electing Acceptance,” on Tuesday. The survey was a national candidate survey dedicated to LGBTQ acceptance and includes responses from 351 candidates running for U.S. House and U.S. Senate seats, as well as for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, in the 2018 midterm election. 240 Democratic candidates responded but only 32 Republican candidates responded. The questions in the survey mirror GLAAD’s and The Harris Poll’s annual Accelerating Acceptance report, which measures acceptance of LGBTQ people throughout the United States.

Sex columnist gets brought up in Illinois congressional race because why not

CHICAGO — Dan Savage, sex columnist for The Stranger in Seattle and found of the It Gets Better Project, actually became a subject of debate in a local congressional race. The Chicago Tribune reported that Savage came up during a televised forum between U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Weaton) and Sean Casten, who is challenging Roskam for the 6th District in suburban Chicago. From the Tribune:
In Monday night’s WTTW forum, Roskam referenced a recent Wall Street Journal story in which Casten cites sex columnist Dan Savage when asked to name a leader who inspires him. “He bound himself to some people who were advocating political blackmail and political slander,” Roskam said of Casten during Monday’s debate. “And I think he should distance himself from these people.”

Casten didn’t back away from the comments.

Guardian: Trump administration pushing to remove ‘gender’ from UN human rights docs

NEW YORK — Early Thursday morning, The Guardian reported that the U.S. mission to the United Nations is wanting to remove “gender” from human rights documents, replacing it with “woman.” From The Guardian:
At recent meetings of the UN’s Third Committee, which is concerned with “social, humanitarian and cultural” rights, US diplomats have been pushing for the rewriting of general assembly policy statements to remove what the administration argues is vague and politically correct language, reflecting what it sees as an ‘ideology’ of treating gender as an individual choice rather than an unchangeable biological fact. For example, in a draft paper on trafficking in women and girls introduced by Germany and Philippines earlier this month, the US wants to remove phrases like “gender-based violence” would be replaced by “violence against women”. “We are seeing this more and more coming up on the Third Committee, and this is going to be a battle in the coming weeks,” said a UN diplomat. The diplomat noted that US policy on the word is not entirely consistent.

DOJ formally says businesses can discriminate against transgender workers

WASHINGTON — Bloomberg Law reported Wednesday that the U.S. Department of Justice had told the U.S. Supreme Court that businesses can discriminate against workers based on their gender identity without violating federal law. From Bloomberg Law:
Solicitor General Noel Francisco told the high court that a civil rights law banning sex discrimination on the job doesn’t cover transgender bias. That approach already has created a rift within the Trump administration, contradicting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s view of the law it’s tasked with enforcing. A Michigan funeral home wants the high court to overturn a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit decision finding that the company violated federal workplace discrimination law when it fired Aimee Stephens, a transgender worker. The EEOC successfully sued on behalf of Stephens in that case, but the Justice Department has the sole authority to represent the government before the Supreme Court.

Transgender models highlighted during Chicago Fashion Week show

CHICAGO — FashionBar will be the host of a runway show featuring transgender models in cooperation with Broadway Youth Center. From their Eventbrite page:

We believe that fashion is form and function at its most beautiful expression. We believe that form, function and fashion blend beautifully in perfect harmony to help us express who we are as individuals in today’s society. To bring awareness and the importance to the lives of Trans and Gender Non-conforming youth, FashionBar Chicago, in a partnership with Howard Brown Health Clinic, to present nation’s first fashion show featuring all Trans Models. Women’s collections from various leading designers will celebrate the Trans youth community, beautifully showing us their stories and their voice in today’s society.

Brave Space Alliance places Marsha P. Johnson plaque with Legacy Walk

CHICAGO — Brave Space Alliance, a transgender led social service agency on the Chicago south side, headed north on Tuesday to place a plaque for Marsha P. Johnson on the Legacy Walk on Halsted. A transgender woman, Johnson was one of the most prominent figures during the Stonewall Riots in New York in 1969. She was a co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front and Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries in the early 1970s and an activist with ACT UP in the late 1980s and ’90s. She passed away in 1992. “Today makes history in Chicago and placing black trans women in their power and creating our own table,” Brave Space Executive Director LaSaia Wade said in a Facebook post.

Gender Spectrum Rally tomorrow in Bloomington

BLOOMINGTON — B’N Trans – Community and Authentically You are organizing a rally in response to the recent proposed policy that would remove any consideration of transgender issues in the federal government. The rally will meet at the 600 block of North Main Street in downtown Bloomington and marching south to the McLean County History Museum and then back to the start point by way of Madison Street. The rally begins at 5:30 on Thursday, Oct. 25. Speakers include Brittany Clinard, founder of B’N Trans – Community, and Tobias Horner, founder of Authentically You. B’N Trans – Community was created in late 2017 as an organization to support individuals who identify as transgender and non-dominant gender and to raise community awareness of issues affecting this population. Authentically You was started in the Chicagoland area in 2016 and is focused on empowering individuals to live their lives authentically.

Illinois Attorney General files suit over anti-LGBTQ discrimination

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed a lawsuit against a bed-and-breakfast for not complying with an order that found they had discriminated against a gay couple. TV station FOX 55/27 reported Tuesday that the company, Walder Vacuflo Inc. doing business as TimberCreek Bed & Breakfast, had not paid damages to a gay couple after the Illinois Human Rights Commission had determined there had been discrimination in refusing to host a civil union ceremoney. From FOX 55/27:
In 2015, a judge found the company discriminated against the couple, Todd and Mark Wathen. As part of the decision, Walder Vacuflo was ordered to pay the Wathens $15,000 each in damages, $50,000 in attorneys’ fees, and more than $1,200 in additional costs. Walder Vacuflo was also ordered to cease and desist from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and to allow the Wathens to celebrate their civil union at TimberCreek within one year of the of the IHRC’s final decision.